Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Weirdness

This morning we have an 8:30am appointment time.  That means we are up and out the door by 7:45am.  Lexi work up feeling sick.  We finally got her up, ready, and out the door.  We dropped both kids off at the school on our way to the doctor's office.

As we were sitting in the waiting room Kyle calls to have me bring his hair clippers.  His boss wanted Kyle to give him another haircut.  So mom gets to run the clippers to them when we get done at the doctor's office.

The morning is young still.  I'm sure I will be in for a few more surprises as the day goes on.  It always happens when I have a day off from work.  It makes me feel loved and needed every time.  What would my husband and children do without me?

Surprise #2.....Right after I got back from dropping off the clippers to Kyle, Lexi text me to say she wasn't feeling well.  Luckily I convinced her to stick it out and she stayed at school.  She really shouldn't miss anymore.

Kevin tried to sign Lexi up for the volleyball clinic for the weekend but couldn't.  He emailed the head volleyball coach and she said she tried to sign her girls up too, and couldn't either because the clinic was full.  We also received some very nice comments on how well Lexi is doing.  It was nice to hear.  Lexi really enjoys playing for the coach that commented and her current club coach too.  She likes how they push her to be better.  We like that they have a great program and encourage the girls to work hard on the court and off as well.  We will get Lexi into the next clinic that comes up.

Tonight Curtis and Lexi do not have Mutual.  They have a Stake Youth Conference to attend this weekend.  So any yard work we need done will have to be taken care of tomorrow.  It will be an interesting weekend without volleyball and without our younger two kids around.  I want to start doing some spring cleaning and get rid of some clutter.  I also want to clean my carpets.  I want to get a new couch for the family room.  If I find one I like I just might pick it up this weekend, after carpet cleaning, of course.  Wouldn't that be perfect timing?  That would make me super happy!!!  We will see how far I get on that.

It was a sad day today.  I found out that I didn't win Publishers Clearing.  LOL!  I did receive 6 vouchers for $400.00 each towards the purchase of 6 items.  I like how they do that.  Cover a portion so you still have to make a purchase.  There are a couple cool things on the list so we might opt to get one of them.  Kevin and I will have to decide together.  Decisions.  Decisions.

It's movie time.  We picked up a bunch of fruit and veggies at the store tonight.  As well as yogurt, bagels and cream cheese.  The kids had pizza for dinner right after school so I didn't do dinner.  A few minutes ago Curtis asks, "What's for dinner?"  When I told him he all ready had it but he could get out anything he wanted he just looked at me and pulled out a bag of hot cheetos from his backpack, added some hot sauce to the bag and ate them.  Yuck!!!!  Maybe I should have made dinner after all so no one had to see that.  That kid will eat anything.  My kids love those old Batman cartoons.  They bought a DVD of nothing but Batman.  Talk about mind numbing!  We might give in and let them watch them.  Might!

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