Thursday, February 6, 2014

This is GROSS!!!

We are off to the doctor a-GaIN!!!  I say "WE" because I have an appointment and I made one for Curtis too.  Yes, I am still having issues.  Enough about me, though.

But Curtis!!!  I am shocked the kid can a eat. 

These were his tonsils in December.  Gross, right?  That time they put him on antibiotics and told us he had to have 6 episodes before the insurance would approve surgery.  

I made Curtis an appointment yesterday when I called for mine because his tonsils never went down in size since the first week of December.  I thought we better just get them checked again.  I had planned on pulling him out of his last class at school to go.  Then he woke up this morning in pain.  His throat was hurting and here is a photo of the tonsils this morning.
I know, totally gross!!!  I never would have thought they actually could get bigger, but they did.  Especially the one on the left.  I wonder if they have ever performed an emergency tonsillectomy?  Is that possible???  And would this be considered a bad case or not?  I don't know.  I think I will have to check it out on the internet.  

I won't show you what I found on the internet.  Totally gross!  I guess they can get way worse than what Curtis has.  Holy cow!!!   I guess we will see what the doctor says.  Hopefully we will get some answers and a plan.  Poor Curtis.  I know when I have my issues with my asthma and things my throat hurts and I can end up with issues after coughing my head off, but nothing like this.  I bet after they finally take them out Curtis will feel much better.  He might be able to breath better.  I guess adnoids can need to be removed at the same time.  I was kind of hoping to wait until spring break or this summer but we may not get that option. Curtis also needs to be ready for his upcoming mission to, and surgery sooner than later might be better.  I don't know what the right answer is.  He shouldn't miss school and I don't want him waiting and dealing with this for too long.  Decisions, decisions.  This is one of those moments that I wish the doctor would just tell us they have to come out now.  None of this hurry and wait stuff.  But, we will see what happens later today.  Wish us both luck.

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