Monday, February 17, 2014

3 Day Tournaments wear parents out!!

This has been a busy weekend.  More volleyball than we have had in a long time.  On Saturday the team lost every match they played.  On Sunday they lost two and won one.  Then today they won 2 matches and lost one.  The team seemed a little off this weekend and we had some injuries too.  Could they have done better?  Of course they could have.  Will they let this tournament affect them in the future?  We hope not.  All in all, the girls learned a lot and had fun.  That is what is most important.

This is what the courts looked like on Sunday at Cardinal Stadium.  

But this is what made my husband and oldest son act like a kid with keys to the candy store...

Lexi jammed her thumb pretty bad on Saturday so they took her to get it taped with the trainers.  The trainers just happened to be in the locker room.  Kevin and Kyle did a little more exploring too.  This is what they stumbled upon as they went exploring.

The Cardinals locker room.  The door was open but when they saw someone coming they chickened out and left.  It was probably for the best.  

We got some good pictures of Lexi this weekend.  This next photo is of Lexi serving the ball.  Lexi usually plays libero but Sunday she had to be a hitter.  She has always wanted to hit and she did a good job.  If she was just a little taller.  

This was the first time she got to wear the same jersey the rest of the team wears.  It's harder for me to pick her out when she's not wearing her hot pink libero jersey.  

Lexi not only jammed her thumb, but she has a cantelope size dark purple bruise on her right hip too.  Kevin told Lexi we would wrap her in bubble wrap from now on after each tournament.  LOL!!

On our way home Kevin got a call from our bishop.  Rarely do we get a call on a holiday weekend„ or a Monday afternoon.  Kevin grew up with our bishop.  In fact, our bishops brother was one of my husband's best friends growing up.  So, when our bishop called he left a message saying it was Darwin calling.  It kind-of made Kevin wonder what he could be calling about.  You know it's church business when you get a call and the person leaving the message says this is Bishop so and so or President so and so.  First, here is our bishop calling on a Monday afternoon and on a holiday weekend.  Kevin wondered what was wrong.  Then he leaves a message using his first name.  Kevin didn't know if he was calling on church business or something else.  It was kind-of funny to watch Kevin for a minute trying to figure it out.  He called him back on our way home from the tournament.  We have an awesome bishop.  We couldn't ask for a more down-to-earth man to lead our ward.  We are also very grateful to his family for letting him serve in this huge calling too.  His wife and family are awesome.  Our bishop was just calling to check up on Kevin and ask a few other questions about Kevin's health.  

Tonight we are all recovering from our weekend.  Lots to do to get everyone ready for school and work tomorrow.  Laundry, laundry, laundry.  I do laundry every day and the pile NEVER shrinks.  I think it grows like gremlins.  Remember that movie?  

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