Monday, January 27, 2014

Reflecting on Saturday

Yesterday was such a busy day.  First getting up super early to get ready for Lexi's volleyball tournament, then driving to the other side of Phoenix, and then spending all day anxiously watching each game.  It wears down the parents but, of course, the players are so tired after every tournament.
Yesterday I also had the opportunity to talk with a couple of the other mothers for a while too.  We talked first about how fun it is to win every match.  That didn't happen last year for these girls.  They won some and they lost quite a few.  So, it is thrilling to see these girls win. 
One of the other things these Moms and I talked about was Lexi's heart condition.  I think I shared her situation a few posts back.  But to quickly explain, Lexi was diagnosed with a condition at the age of 5, that ultimately resulted in her having open heart surgery to repair the hole between the two sides of her heart and also repair her mitral valve. 
Each time I share Lexi's story, I always have to share a small portion of a friends story too.  A small portion mainly because I simply do not know all the details of our friends story. 
The reason I share a small portion of our friends story is because we never could have gotten through Lexi's surgical experience without the help of these friends.
You see, Katie was a young girl about Danielle's age who had to have a heart transplant at the age of 16.  Katie was the one that talked to Lexi before the surgery and answered Lexi's questions.  It was Katie's mother that helped me before, during, and after the surgery. 
These two ladies were truly amazing!  They literally were our lifesavers through that whole experience and I cannot thank them enough for all that they did for us.  I truly believe that certain people are placed in your life sometimes to literally carry you through certain situations.  This is exactly what Katie and her mother, Vergie did for us.
I miss Vergie!  You see Katie and her family lost their wife and mother a few years ago to the same heart condition that caused Katie to ultimately have a heart transplant.  Why Vergie didn't follow in her daughter's footsteps, I still do not know.  I don't know if it was because  they just couldn't find a donor in time or something else.   Frankly, I if I would have known the issue I would have tried to do ANYTHING to help her.  This woman was amazing and so strong!  I so wish she were still on this earth with us. 
Now back to what I was trying to get to....after I shared Lexi's story with these two Volleyball Mom's, one of them began to share their story with us.  Now I had heard that this friend had had what I thought were miscarriages but that was not the case.  Come to find out she lost two little baby girls to extremely complicated heart problems.  As we sat on the concrete benches outside of the volleyball tournament we  cried together as this friend shared her story and loss of not just one child but two to heart conditions.  All three of us were in tears.  People walking by us must have thought we were completely crazy.  Who cries at a volleyball tournament anyway?   Now I could not imagine losing any of my children in any way.  I think I would go completely nuts (not that I'm not a little nutty now.  Ha Ha) if I lost TWO children to any condition.  Such a sad story.   I firmly believe that certain trials are given to certain people because the Lord know these people can handle them.  If you ever met this lady you could never tell just by seeing her and by general conversation with her, that she and her family had experienced such great loses.  They are so fun to be around.  Very upbeat and friendly. I admire people like that.  People who have not let their tragedy harden them.  It is amazing to see.  It was quite a day of sharing.
I learned a lot yesterday and there were a few things I figured out yesterday too.  After the girls ate lunch we all went back inside to get ready for the last match of the day.  Kevin and I found a spot along the one wall and sat on the floor watching as the girls warmed up.  Eventually all the other Mom's came and sat by us.  Once the first game got going, I noticed the Mom that shared her story earlier was looking at the food ads from the newspaper.  Then she got out a few pieces of paper she had printed out from some website.  I thought she might be doing something church related but that wasn't the case.  She then began to explain to us all what she was doing and why.  She said she had found this great way to start getting her family gathered around the table every night for dinner and it was all because she saw this lady on BYU TV.  She said she had bought the lady's books and she loved them all.  She even said she got up the guts to email the author of the books AND the woman responded.  This friend mentioned that she was in the Relief Society in her ward and mentioned to this author  that if she was ever in our area she would love to have her come speak to the ladies in her ward.  To which the author replied, "Well, let me check my schedule.".  How amazing is that?  Pretty cool right???!!!  So hopefully some time soon this author will be coming to our city to a Relief Society in our area to share all of her tips.  Love it!
This who day got me thinking a lot about all kinds of things.  For a while I have been feeling like something was not quite right, like something was missing, and then it dawned on me......PASSION and an overwhelming desire to share what you have learned with everyone who will listen.  It's been a while since I've seen someone so excited to share and ultimately help others.  It was very refreshing.  More on this in another post.
It's Monday morning and I spent most of the night coughing and waking up most of my family.  I also spent the night puffing on both of my inhalers.  Not good.  My clothes were all laid out, ready for the day.  I was looking forward to getting back to work, but apparently not.  So frustrating.  So needless to say,  I will not be doing too much today but resting and taking it easy.  These coughing fits and issues with breathing are really beginning to get in the way of things.
Danielle has been getting out and walking her dog.  She has even lost a few pounds.  I so want to do something like that too, but the doctor has warned me to take it easy when these episodes flare up.  ARG!!!  But I am trying to keep things positive.  Trying. :)
QUOTE:  "There is nothing in this world as personal, as nurturing, or as life changing as the influence of a righteous woman.". - Elder M. Russell Ballard

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