Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Well, it's here!  Danielle picked it up last night for me.  The TOP PIECE!!!!  Here is a picture.
It's the white piece on top.  Now before you say anything remember, this is not done yet.  I have some things to cut, things to add, and eventually lots of painting to do.  Here is another pic with my chicken wire frame on top.
The shelf is not attached yet at all.  I know. I all probably think I am completely nuts.  Well, that s unsaid.... I am nuts!  HA HA.  My husband thinks I have completely lost my mind.  When I told him my idea his comment was, "you know they sell a mantle kit at Home Depot.  Why don't you just go get one of those?"  Does he really think I would be doing this if there was an easier way?  Of course not and I know Home Depot sells a kit.  BUT, the kits run about $200.00, and I refuse to spend money on something decorative and NOT permanent for the home.  Believe me, I've done my "research".  And besides, my mantle will not increase the value of our home.....we don't even have a fireplace, and we rent.  So, my little project will have to do.   To be perfectly honest, until I found that brown shelf, I had completely given up the idea of a faux mantle all together.  

Do you want to see a drawing of my vision....wink, wink.

Hopefully you can see it well enough to read my notes all around.  I will be cutting the brown shelf and attaching those decorative pieces more towards the ends of the while shelf.   I will visit Home Depot for some wood and a few decorative elements to build this piece up a bit.  (This is where I will need some help from the son or hubby.)   Once all of 
the pieces are put together, then I will need to paint it all.  I'm thinking white to go with the other things in our home.  

This is still a work in progress.  I can't believe how patient I have been through this whole thing.  Usually I am so anxious to get it done.  I think I am just in shock that it's all coming together.  Exciting!!!  I will keep you updated on this little baby.  (I really cannot wait!!!) 

On to other things....I am home again.  I know, I can't believe it either.  This is NOT good!  But being sick never is good.
How many times can someone wipe down their house with those anti-bacterial/anti- virus wipes in a month?  I usually shop at the "little" Wal-Mart.  I don't care too much for the big ones any more.  (The little ones are the ones that sell just food.  I can get in and get out without a long wait or breaking the budget like I feel I would do at Fry's if I shopped there more.  And they are clean.  Most of the big Wal-Marts in Mesa are clean.  Except for that smell you smell whenever you walk into the one between Higley and Power Rd, on Southern.  I think it is really coming from the canal or whatever that is next to the store.  Whatever it is, it's bad!!!)  Anyway, Wal-Mart must notice an influx of these wipes leaving their shelves lately.  I go through so many!  What would we have done before these handy dandy little wipes came along?  I just love them.  I know we would be sick a lot more than we have been.  

To be perfectly honest.  I think us getting sick is due to another reason.......we need to try a little harder to do the right thing.  Like attending our church meetings.  I just know they if we can start doing more of the things we have been commanded (that's right, COMMANDED) to do, things will get better for us.  Do you remember Elder Bednar's talk in the October General Conference and the many blessings that come from paying your tithing?  This is the kind of thing I am talking about.  I want to be "covered" in the ways that he talked about in that talk.  I know that all the illnesses we have experienced are a teaching moment for ME!  i just know it!   We have never been sick so many times in a row like this before.  It's almost funny but yet scary at the same time.  No, not scary.  I can't let myself go there.  I need to be grateful that my Heavenly Father has not decided to teach me in some other fashion.  Believe me, I know it could be so much worse.  And I know that if He did not love us and care about us that He would not have placed these teaching moments in front of me.  And that is a blessing.

No, little miracles are what these teaching moments are. Miracles are those occurrences wrought by the power of God which are wholly beyond the power of man to perform.  So, how could I think that these illnesses are miracles, you say?  To that, I say, had it not been for these illnesses I may have never come to see things the way I see them now.  Sure, I may have come to realize  some of these things, but these illnesses are from some other place and I firmly believe that there is a reason for them at this time in our lives.  I do feel that they have come to chasten us, to help us understand what we are missing, and to help us have that desire and determination to make positive changes in our lives and I know that these things could have only come from the Lord.  A wake up call, so to speak.  A reminder that time is of the essence.  A reminder that I have things to offer and that MY HANDS are needed to help move his work along.  For some time I have felt that someone else could do whatever it is so much better and more efficiently than me.  I felt that I was too old to help. But you know where those thoughts come from, right?  It has been through these illnesses that I have been reminded that there are things that only I can do.  That no one else has the talents and gifts to serve or help in only a way that I can.  That my Heavenly Father needs me and expects me to do the right thing.  

Certain miracles are promised to those who believe in Jesus Christ, and other promises are made to those who are faithless.  What is the place of miracles in your life?  What bearing do the miracles of Jesus have on you?  Do you need miracles in your life?  What would the Lord have you do in order that you may more fully receive the blessings of his power in your life?  These are some of the questions I've been pondering in my mind lately.  I want to enjoy all the many miracles and blessings the Lord sees fit to offer me.  
I know I have kind-of got on a roll with this for the past couple of days.  However, I won't apologize for this.  
I love trying to understand the purpose of miracles so that I can more fully appreciate the blessings of the Lord's power in my life.  And that in and of itself, is indeed, a great miracle!! 
 Enough said.

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