Friday, January 10, 2014

It's finally Friday!!!!

Happy FRIDAY!!!!  I guess I should share a little disclaimer with you.  For the past few weeks I have been using my phone to post all of my entries.  So, please bear with me as I muttle through without the ease of a computer and things like spell .  eck.  We are in the process of switching internet providers at my house.  So please bear with me f. a few days and/ or a few posts, whichever come first.h. is has been a very busy week for our family.  The two younger kids went back to school Monday after being home for the Winter break.  Danielle started her NEW 2nd job Monday.  Which she Loves!!!  Danielle also got into a car accident Wednesday which shook her up a bit.  Luckily no one got hurt and she only had about $100.00 in damage to her car.  The other car might be a little more but not by much.  Here is a pic of Danielle's car and the damage ...

Not too bad, right?

Then on the last day of 2013 Kevin had an MRI of his back done.  We had it done 
then so the insurance would cover it at 100% since we met the deductible for 2013.  So, Thursday Kevin went to his new pain doctor to review the results.  Its always amazing when a doctor can look at an MRI and then turn to you and tell you where you hurt without hearing it from the patient.  This doctor is pretty amazing!!!  After reviewing he said Kevin has a herniated disc just above where they did his back survery.  So he wanted Kevin to get an inversion table.  So, last night Kyle and I went to Big 5 and picked 
up the table.  Here is a pic of it from the side of the box.     

And another....
This is Curtis hanging upside down on it. 
Ha ha!!!! Kevin can only go to 20 degrees right now.  In fact, the doc won't let him EVER go 90 degrees because of his back.  The most he can go is 45 degrees but he has to work up to it.  

Kyle has a weight lifting competition coming up next Friday.  It' s a small one just with the members of the gym.  We can watch it online.  So we know what we will doing in a few days.

Lexi has been busy with volleyball practice for her club team.  We will be going to some tournaments soon.  

I think this weekend we will be cleaning and taking care of things around the house.  I want to clean carpets and get my car washed but I don't know if there will be time.  

I got my Publishers Clearing House mailer.  You know this is my first time ever filling that out.  Kevin and i have been married for 26 years and we have never got the mailer.  Is it because I reached a certain age now?  I remember my mom filling that out growing up.  I just want you all to know, Kevin and I are going to win!  That's right!  We are going to win it.  Have you ever thought about what you would do with that kind of money?  I have.  I of course would pay off bills, buy a home, and buy a couple cars.  One for each of my kids and one for my mother.  She needs a new car!  She has done so much for me.  The absolute LEAST I could do to repay her is to buy her a new car.  I would help out others too.

Helping others, I think, would be the BEST part!  I heard a story on the radio this morning.  This woman went to the ER to have a rash on her leg checked out.  They ran a bunch of tests and come to find out she had a brain tumor that would require surgery.  Surgery she wouldn't be able to afford.  The owner of a local business agreed to sell his business to pay for this womans surgery.  Can you believe that?  They said he even has some buyers lined up.  When the business owner was asked why he would do this he said,  "I couldn't 
stand taking money running his business knowing this woman needs help".  Now how cool is that?????  I think that is totally  a-MAZ-ing!!!!  This story puts a smile on your face and leaves you with a good feeling knowing there are good people around, right!!????!!!!  Well, that feeling is why I would use that money to help others.  After all, we wouldn't need all of that money and there are so many people around that could benefit from a little of it.  Think about it!  Helping others.  What a concept.  AND, oh yeah, I would probably quit my job too.  

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Take care.
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