Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House

We are very excited for the Open House of the Gilbert, Arizona Temple!!!  We made our reservations to be able to take our whole family inside to see this beautiful building.  Its funny,  I made reservations and then lost them.  Then I tried to reschedule but couldn't find a night time slot open so that I wouldn't miss work.  Luckily my niece, Ashley Zimmerman, made extra reservations and gave them to me.  Come to find out her reservations were for a weekend night and will be perfect for us!  I am sooo excited!!!  This opportunity does not come around very often.  Sure, Kevin, Kyle and I could visit the temple anytime.  But being able to take Lexi, Danielle and Curtis will be awesome.  I remember seeing the Mesa Temple when it was rededicated with my parents.  That experience had lasting effects on me and I know it will do the same for my children too.  What exciting times!!!
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