Monday, January 13, 2014

Embarrassing Moments...

 I've been thinking a lot about my embarrassing moments that I have had over the years.  I think what got me thinking about them was in part because of my oldest daughter.  You see she has started running again and I always threaten to follow behind her in the car to video tape her in action on her runs.  She usually gets mad at me and eventually we have a good laugh about it.  Her plan is to run in an upcoming event in April with one of her visiting teachers, if all goes well. 
Now don't get me wrong, I could NEVER run.  Not in the shape I'm in.  I would have to work up to it.  So I've gotta give it to Danielle for setting this kind of goal because I know I would never make ii by April or even December.  Ha ha.  I could see me starting a race like that in April but I would still be running.....NO, crawling by the time next April came along for sure, just trying to get to the finish line.  Running a race like that would kill me and would be ranked right up there with my all time embarrassing moments.
I've had quite a few embarrassing moments, but I will share some of the highlights.  (Some are too embarrassing and cannot be repeated)
1). I use to work in the admitting/billing department at a local hospital.  For lunch we use to all go to the cafeteria most days.  The group that I hung out with would grab a tray and bring our meal out to the tables in the back of the main lobby.  I was wearing a dress with high heels, nylons and a half slip.  I had my tray in my hands and my purse over my left shoulder when it happened.  The elastic in my half slip broke and my slip fell all the way to the floor as I walked right in front of the elevators.  With my slip around my feet and my tray still in my hands, I shuffled to the table.  When I got to the table I put my tray down and quickly tucked my slip into my purse.  To this day I still do not know how many employees, patients or visitors saw me.  Just above where the tables were located the ceiling was open to the 2nd floor at that time.
This picture will kind of give you an idea of the layout of the area.  The line with the red arrows shows the route I walked to get to the tables.

2) We have rented pretty much most of our married life with the exception of one time.  So, each time we move into a new place I always try to get everything up on the walls and things unpacked so we can start to feel at home as soon as possible.  Sometimes I don't always get things unpacked as quickly as I'd like.  In fact, we still have several boxes left to unpack here.  Anyway, back to my story. I had just one or two pictures left to hang and had decided on where to hang the last one.  It was up high just above the bay window in our kitchen.  Now I never use a ladder or a step stool.  I always stand on a chair or sometimes even a tall stool.  I had just got up on the chair when it slipped and I fell down with it.  Now each and every time I get up on a chair my family sings "Mom fell on her bum bum bum bum."  To the tune of the little drummer boy.  You know the Christmas song.  I still stand on stools and chairs.  I haven't learned my lesson yet.

3)  When my two oldest children were very small i had very long hair.  In fact it went halfway down my back.  One Halloween we went over to Kevin's parents home with the kids in their costumes.  Danielle was a clown with purple spray in her hair and Kyle was dressed like Superman and we sprayed his super Blonde hair with black spray.  They both looked very cute.  Years later when we were looking at the pictures I did not recognize myself in the pictures with my kids.  You see, I had dyed my hair super blonde.  In fact, it was too blonde.  The color was more of a chicken fat yellow than it was blonde.  Talk about embarrassing.  

4)  One day Kevin, Curtis and I were stopped at a QuikTrip gas station in east Mesa, that was fairly close to my parents home.  We stopped for gas and I cannot remember why were at that particular location now.  As we were waiting for the gas to pump into our car I saw this lady who, at the time, I thought looked like my mother.  She was driving a PT Cruiser.  (Not even a car my mother has ever owned)  I walked up to the lady and yelled out, "Hey, Mom!"  When I got up closer to the lady it finally dawned on me that this person was NOT my mother at all.  To this day my family gives me a hard time because they say, I can't even recognize my own mother.  Sad.  So sad.  :)
(Okay so I don't have a copy of the Halloween photo I mentioned.  It seems that most of the photos of our family went to one of Kevin's brothers.  But I think you get the idea with my hair color. Notice how excited Danielle is to feed her baby.)

These are just a few of my many embarrassing moments.  What are some of yours?  Tell us about it.  If it's clean, we just might feature you on my blog.  Besides, I know someone out there has a better story than the ones I've shared.  So, send me a message and tell us all about it.  We want to hear from you.  
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