Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A day in the life....

Its been an interesting week so far.  My boss at work lost her father Friday and his memorial was yesterday at a local bar.  One of the other girls on my team was out sick Monday and Tuesday too.  In order for those on my team that wanted to attend the memoria the bar, I volunteered to work the late shift so they could go. 
I'm glad they all got to go even if it was at a bar.   Besides my bosses father was a hoot!!!  I only met him once and he left a lasting impression on me.  He was the life of any party and had a lot of great stories to tell.  He will be missed by everyone.
Today has been a crazy day to say the least.  Work was busier.  It use to be that Tuesdays were our busy day.  Now its Wednesdays.  We still haven't figured out why the change.   In the middle of my work day Kevin sent me a text to tell me Danielle got into a car accident.  Luckily no one was hurt and minor damage to both cars. 
Danielle was on her way to her NEW 2nd job.  (That's right she has another job.  She is working at an elementary school part-time.  So she is going to school, works part-time at a craft store, now also works part-time at a school AND also runs a very active Etsy shop.  We all think she is nuts!). .....back to the accident.  Danielle was changing lanes and hit a car.  The other car has a little door damage and Danielle's side mirror got knocked off.  So if we go to the dealer to get it replaced they will charge about $300.00.  If we do it ourselves with the u-tube tutorial it will cost less than $100.00.  Guess which one we are gonna do?  That's right the u-tube video.  Love the internet!!!
With the accident Danielle is a little sore.  We had planned to go get her some new tires tonight. So, I drove and we took her car down to get 4 new tires.  She needed them and she even got a full-sized spare from one of the old tires and a jack kit.  When she bought the car it didn't have a jack.  We were pretty happy with all of that and it only took 15 minutes for Discount Tire to change the tires!  That was amazing!!! Love that too!!
On Monday a high school friend of Kevin's sent him some pictures of him and the gang at his Missionary Farewell and at the airport as we were waiting for his plane to arrive.  So I thought I would post some of them.  Take a look.
These are all random.....

  This couole pulled off the prank of the century!  They were the Young Adult Reps in their ward.  They faked a drug bust.  Had cops come to the house, who hapoened to also be memberd of the ward.  This was in Kevins first area, first discussion and first ward.  They never told Kevin it was a prank until he saw all the participants walk into the church Sunday for sacrament.  Eventually this couple started dating and eventually got married.
From left to right...Kevin"s brother Victor holding Aslee, Becky, Lil Victor, Me, Kevin's dad, Gene and I think his mom, Vera is taking the picture.  We were sight seeing in Utah right after seeing Kevin at the M.T.C.
Kevin's parents took him on one last trip before his mission.  They went to the Grand Canyon.  This is a pic of Kevin calling me while on the trip.
This is Kevin, Lil Victor and Gene chatting on the lawn behind the M.T.C.

This is Kevin and I waiting for his plane at the airport.  The plane was delayed.  This was before TSA was around.
Kevin and his Dad at the airport.
Kevin and his Mom and Dad at the airport.

Kevin and I saying our goodbyes at the Salt Lake Airport as he was leaving the MTC and heading to Oakland, California.

Kevin and I after his mission.  We were taking pictures for our wedding invitations.

Kevin and I the Sunday of his Missionary Farewell.

Kevin, his Dad and brother at the airport. He was on his way to the MTC.

Kevin and I on the lawn behind the MTC. 

The gang at Kevin's farewell.  From left to right...Darren Freestone, Tom Stinson, Kevin, Kelly Martin and Lamont Adams.  Missing are Shane Loar and Fred Duke who were all ready on their missions.

Oh the memories!  Take care and we will talk to you soon.

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