Monday, November 25, 2013

Sometimes you just gotta pick your battles.

This weekend has been a busy one and we got a lot done.
Friday we went shopping and I picked up a new cell phone for myself.  I have to admit, this is my first smart phone.  I know, I know, what was I waiting for.  You see my old phone ended up turning into the home phone and since we didn't want to lose the phone number, we never changed the phone.  Well, then Curtis took the phone to a friends house and dropped the phone in their pool.  Since then the phone has not been the same, so we cancelled the service.

My new phone is awesome!  I love it.  It's not an I Phone, but I am a-okay with that!  It's a Samsung Galaxy.  So, all Friday night I spent time getting the phone set-up and got a lot of help from this guy...
(Curtis is #72 in the picture)

Then Saturday, Kyle went to weight lifting practice in the morning.  Then right after we jumped into the truck and went to pick up a new dryer.  Or should I say, new to us.  
(In this picture from left to right:  Our Bishop, Bishop Duke, Kyle, Bro. Hayne, Bro Reed, Bro. Bardner, Bishop Dickson (now YM's President) the Jordan boy, and the Fraze boy....Kyle is the Assistant Scout Master to Bro. Gardner in our ward.)

Our dryer stopped working about 3 or 4 months ago.  So, everything was getting lined dried in our our, which meant No FUN!!!  Now that the weather has changed it takes a long time for things to drip dry.  Our old dryer isn't completely gone.  I think it just needs a new part somewhere and it will be back to normal.  BUT....with Kevin still recovering from his back surgery, I don't want to risk him even attempting to fix the old dryer.  So, on one of the Facebook groups I subscribe to someone was selling their old dryer for $65.00 and we got it.  Today, the dryer is still not completely hooked up, but it will be by tomorrow.  We just need to change the cord from a 4 prong to a 3 prong.  When the boys were changing out the cord they realized they needed another tool to get it done.  AND since we are trying to NOT shop on Sunday's we had to leave it until today....most like tomorrow.  Hopefully it will get hooked up soon and my dining room can stop being laundry central.

After the dryer fun, we went grocery shopping and then came home to get Curtis working on his talk.  Yep, Curtis got asked to speak in church on Sunday.  It was funny when he first started writing his talk too.  He was going to say Bro. Thompson picked me up and gave me a ride home from school but wouldn't let him out of his car until he agreed to speak on Sunday.  It just sounded a little wrong when he said it, so we made Curtis change the wording, but it was pretty funny!!  
Curtis did good with his talk!  My favorite part was that he wanted to do it all by himself.  So, he searched for all  the references and did all the leg work all on his own.  He brought a tear to mine and Kevin's eye as we watched him prepare and then heard him speak Sunday.  Kevin came home from church right after his talk because he can only handled sitting up for a short time.  But as I was driving him home he said, "Pretty soon, none of our kids are going to need our help with their talks."  It was a little hard to take.  Believe me, it was so hard to NOT go get the old church magazine articles or search the internet for information.  Curtis had to tell me over and over again.  BUT.....I let him do his thing, and didn't give in to the urge.  He needs to do as much of this kind of thing as possible.  Pretty soon he will be on his mission and need to do this all the time.  
Danielle worked all weekend.  Her Etsy shop is doing good.  She gets orders every day and I'm sure the holidays are helping that.  She is a busy girl, with school, student teaching, work and Etsy.
Soon she will be in a boutique with some of the ladies in the ward which will be fun for her.  

Lexi had a busy Saturday.  She had a 3 hour try-out for Mesa Volleyball Club.  BUT, she loves it!  She loves Coach Strawn and she really enjoys playing the game.  She had a rough Freshman Season this year.  I think having to get up super early for school, all the practices and having late night games messed with her.  She also had some tough situations with some of the girls on the team that made her question if she really wanted to stick with Volleyball.  You know how girls can be.  Friendly to your face and talk bad about you behind your back.  Lexi would have a bad game and the girls were telling everyone how bad she played during class the next day.  BUT whenever other members of the team had a bad game, Lexi did the right thing, and said nothing.  Lexi took it pretty hard whenever these girls did this.  She wanted to be their friend.  One of life's many lessons.  It was hard watching Lexi deal with this.  I think it effected her on the court because she didn't do much talking.  AND I know it effected her at home because she would come home crying and would be super hard to deal with at night.  We spent many a night talking about her quiting the team many, many times. thing Lexi was asked to promise was to finish what she started.  Kevin made sure she remembered what she promised....and I am glad she finished.  Besides, she loves this game and next year will bring some new things.  It looks like she has a good Coach for club this year.  She use to play libero like Lexi which will be awesome!  It will help Lexi develop her skills more.  I cannot wait to watch her play again!!

This year has been one of the hardest on our family with all the medical issues.  At the beginning of the year I had that little surgery.  Got sick once.  Then there was Kevin's BIG back surgery, which kept me out of work to help him.  Then I got sick two more times, with them eventually telling me I have asthma.  Well work didn't like me being out so much, which I understand.  So, they changed my schedule and took away some of the work I do on a daily basis.  It was hard to let go of some of the work, I have to admit....but, in the long run it might be good.  It's an adjustment but hopefully it will all work out.  The schedule change I am not happy about.....and ultimately, I may move on when and if the right thing comes along.  

Last night Curtis went from church, to going and administering the sacrament to those that are home bound in our ward, to a super quick dinner, then to mission prep, and then over to a friends house and eventually to the temple to see an exhibit.  Now, when Curtis called me to see if he could go I told him to be home by 8 p.m.  Well, 8 came and went, then 9 and then 9:30 p.m. and we never got a call or a text.  I eventually ended up calling him.  Which I was NOT happy about at all!!  Needless to say, he came home and we talked about what would have happened if he would have called before 8 p.m.  All-in-all, I was a little upset.

So, what are some of the things you get upset about?  What pushes your buttons?  What makes you lose it?  I didn't actually lose it, but I did make sure Curtis knew his behavior was not acceptable.  All-in-all, he was with a bunch of good kids, the temple!!!  Shouldn't that make me happy???  Of course, it should.  

Sometimes we as parents need to pick our battles and be okay with letting some things slide.  Curtis has never done anything totally out of control by the worlds standards.  If he does something wrong, it's usually in his tone of speaking, or not being able to control his tongue  OR, not doing his homework and not getting home exactly on time.  If this is all this young man does I think we are doing pretty good.  Sure, we want him to get his homework done, we want him to control his tongue, and we want him to be home on time....
BUT some of these things are things even I cannot control at my old old age.  So, how can I expect my son to do better than even I can.  Time to reel it in and take a long hard look at what is important here, and again the temple is NOT a bad place for an 18 year old to hang out.  In fact, it's pretty cool that he would even WANT to be there after his busy day this past Sunday.  Enough said.

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