Saturday, November 23, 2013


It's been an interesting few weeks.  Lots of cool things happening all over.  These are exciting times!!!  

Kevin is on the mend from his back surgery and seems to be doing quite well which make me feel better too.  As I have said before, the care-giver is always the one floundering during times like these.  I did have some wild moments there for a while, but things seem to be going better now and I couldn't be more grateful!

Danielle has been doing well with school and has also been seeing a lot of business on her Etsy shop, which is awesome for her!  She works a part-time job too.  AND was doing some student teaching too.  Busy girl!  

Kyle has been doing well in school also.  He is a very busy guy!  Works full-time, school full-time, then his Young Men's calling too.  Not to mention his weight lifting work outs.  I am surprised I ever see this kid.  He is doing good and seems to be on track for the upcoming National Competition next year.  We are excited for him and wish him the best, no matter what happens.

Curtis is working hard in school.  I can hardly believe he could be on his mission by next September.  It hardly seems possible.  Time flies!  Curtis is working on his talk for Sunday today.  He was asked to speak in church Wednesday.  I have tried to give him some quotes and point him in some directions to find information, but he is determined to do this all on his own, and frankly, I LOVE that!!!  Sure, I may have trouble "letting go", so-to-speak, but this is one of those moments each parent gets excited about!  I love that he is totally taking this serious.  I have tried over the years to explain how you can be sure you are including the things our Heavenly Father wants shared in sacrament meeting.  AND that is simply to get on your knees and ask.  I do this each and every time I speak and each and every time I teach and I have always been enlightened with so much.  I love that feeling.  There is nothing quite like receiving revelation like that.  It is exciting and such a blessing!  And I love teaching this to our children, and that is a-MAZ-ing!!!  

Lexi just finished her freshman Volleyball season and has try-outs for club volleyball today.  She is also checking out softball too.  She loves Volleyball and that is her favorite sport, BUT the softball coach would not leave Lexi alone and has convinced her to tryout for the team.  We told Lexi she will have to make sure the softball coach knows that Volleyball comes first for her, so if something ends up conflicting, she will go with Volleyball every time!  I also told Kevin that she is going to be his little athlete.  This girl love sports.  I love that about her!  With all that this child has been through, you would think she would not want to play any sport, BUT that is not the case.  Lexi was a different girl prior to her open heart surgery.  She was tired all the time and super quiet.  Now, she is none stop action.  Busy all the time.  She doesn't want to miss a thing.  She is an inspiration to all of us!  

Next week is Thanksgiving. I love this time of year!  Everyone seems to have an attitude of gratitude and everyone is a little nicer or a little less difficult it seems.  Not to mention everyone reflects on things that really matter.  Family, Home, Friends, Relationships and our Heavenly Father.  These are the sweet moments in life as we reflect on our many blessings.  Love it!  

It has been a crazy week for me.  Lots of changes at work that I am not excited about, but I am beginning to understand why they had to happen.  At first when the changes were presented I felt that I did not matter.  But, as the days have gone on, I have come to know that I do matter and that I am very much appreciated by those I work with.  In fact, on several occasions this week several people made it known to me just how important I am to them and how much they appreciate the work I do.  AND that has been awesome!  
I have been the primary contact for 63 investment firms across the nation for about 8 years now.  One of our clients received a visit in their office by one of our Vice-Presidents the week before.  This client took the time to make sure this VP knew how much they appreciated all I do for their firm each and every day.  That was only one of many experiences I had this week.  I had another firm go above and beyond to make sure that everyone know exactly how much they appreciate me and the work I do for them.  Them several others made sure I knew the same thing when they emailed me or called me this week.  
These firms can be tough clients and they expect a lot!!!  However, they are also very good at what they do and I have the utmost respect for all of them. I enjoy working with all of them.  With that being said, it has been an awesome week and I am very humbled by all the kind words and the lengths these people have gone to make sure I know exactly how much they appreciate me.  It means a lot.  Especially now.  I am very grateful for them and all that they do to make my job easier.  They are truly a-MAZ-ing and I have learned a lot from them.  

Life is good.  We are indeed very blessed and that is what matters. 

 The art of thanksgiving is thanks-living. It is gratitude in action. . . .Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts. 1.
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