Saturday, October 5, 2013

Three boys and a promise.

My husband has two brothers. (Actually 3, but his brother Kurtis only survived about a week after his birth) That's right, no sisters.  Kevin was the youngest of the boys. They were a close family and spent a lot of time together participating in school activities such as band or sports (football), church activities and callings, exploring Arizona on their countless family trips, working together in the family business, or enjoying each others company as they celebrated the various milestones of life like birthdays or anniversaries.  Many memories were made over the years in the Schmidt home and once in a while we get the opportunity to hear of some of those memories.  One such memory, you could even call it a milestone, if you will, happens to be what I would like to share today.

It was time to celebrate Kevin's parents temple wedding anniversary and the boys wanted to get their parents something special.  This year Victor, Kevin's oldest brother, came up with a great idea.  He got his younger brothers to make a promise that day.  As a way to present and remember the promises made, these boys went out and purchased a color picture of the Arizona Temple.  At the bottom of the picture they attached a picture of themselves (you know the ones from school).  Now, I can only imagine how these parents felt as their children presented this picture to them with their promise.  These boys promised to someday be worthy to go to the temple and receive their own endowments and someday be married in the temple.  Over the years each boy has written in the date that they were able to enter the temple for their own endowments.  Yes, each one of them achieved their goal.  Each one of them entered the temple to receive their own endowments just before each boy left on their mission and each boy returned to the temple to be sealed to their eternal companions.  This picture still hangs on the wall in my In-Laws home today as a reminder of the promises made from three young boys to their parents.  I wish I had a picture of the temple picture to show you.  (I will have to take a picture or ask my mother-in-law to take a picture and send it to me.)

I have often thought about that priceless gift these young men gave to their parents.  As I have thought about that gift, I too wanted to have in my home a constant reminder that we also want our children to follow their father and their uncle's example to someday attend the temple for themselves.  So, I went out and purchased a black and white picture of the Arizona temple.  Black and white because until you actually have to opportunity to enter the temple it may appear black or white to you in your mind.  (not exactly real, in a sense)  Then I included a sign above the temple picture with a portion of the Primary song, "I love to see the Temple, I'm going there someday".  On each side of the picture I have included a frame for each one of our children, with their names in each one.  As each one of my children have the opportunity to enter the temple I will put a color picture of them standing in front of the temple with the date they take out their own endowments as a memory and reminder of the covenants we want them to make and keep.  (The color picture because it represents the day the temple becomes a reality for each one of my children)  This picture hangs in our family room right above the television because I want them to see this as often as possible.  Here is a picture of our temple picture, the sign and the individual frames.

Here is another view...

We have four children.  Danielle is the oldest, then Kyle who has all ready attended the temple because he has served a full-time mission, Curtis, who is now 18 and in high school, but getting ready to serve a mission too, then Lexi, who is our youngest daughter, and a freshman in high school.  So, we have some time to work on this goal as a family.  We love our children and desire that they too will make sacred covenants with their Heavenly Father and someday be found worthy to return to live with Him again.  I am also grateful to my brother-in-law, Victor, as well as his brothers, Bryan and my husband, Kevin, who made this promise to their parents at a young age, and who have inspired me to include this reminder in our home as well.  I want the same thing for my children and ultimately our posterity as well as for each one of Victor and Bryan's children.  I want them to make and keep sacred covenants with their Heavenly Father.  Nothing else is as important as this.  Nothing else will have a more lasting effect on each one of these children or their own children.  I also want to see my sisters (And I mean ALL of my sisters) to enjoy the blessings of the temple as well.  Wouldn't it be awesome to enjoy the blessings of the celestial kingdom with ALL of your family, immediate family as well as ALL of your extended family?  We do not have the chance to get together as much as we use to anymore.  There are soooo many of us and so many different schedules, it makes it hard.  But that does not change the fact that we love them all for all that they bring to our family.  We love them because they love us with all of our imperfections.  We are family!  Forever!  For Always!  No matter what!  AND that is all that really matters.  Enough said.

Quote:  "Temple. One other word is equal in importance to a Latter-day Saint. Home. Put the words holy temple and home together, and you have described the house of the Lord!"
—Boyd K. Packer

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