Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cute Little Pins

In the Mormon church each person (for the most part) is given an assignment ---they call them callings.  The Bishopric and/or the Stake Presidency decides who they feel would be best for each calling available and they pray about the calling and the name of the person.  If they receive the answer from our Heavenly Father that this calling would be right for that person at this time, they make an appointment with you to extend the calling. 

Now Kevin and I have been married this November with be our 26th year.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have received a calling that has NOT been in Primary.  I served as the Relief Society secretary for about 3 months in our ward in Phoenix, Served as the Young Women's Secretary/Beehive Adviser in our ward in East Mesa,  Served as a Relief Society teacher for over a year in my current ward, and when we lived in El Paso, Texas I had 3 separate callings, my first of course was a Primary Teacher to 3 year olds.  At the same time I had the Primary calling I was put on the Activities Committee and also prepared the weekly Sacrament Meeting Program.  Then at one point they also called me to be the Homemaking Leader.  So, for a while I had 4 callings at the same time.  It was crazy, but the ward was aMAZing!!!!  (OK so maybe I need two hands to count them all up)

Each and every other ward I have always been placed in Primary.  I have now served in the Nursery in 3 different wards, three different times.  Not to mention various other Primary callings including cub scouts.  However, I have never served as the Girls Primary Activities Leader.  That might be fun. 

One of the times I was placed in Primary I started out as a Primary teacher, then Webelos leader, then Bear Leader and eventually was called as the Primary President.  (Not sure why that order??)  I was Primary President for over 2 years until we moved into a home we bought in another ward within that same stake. 

When I was in the presidency, Christmas time was a lot of fun.  I loved the sharing times during that month and the kids excitement about that time of year.  But one of the things I liked to do was to make little gifts for each of the children.  One year I copied pictures of Christ with children, and put the picture inside one of those clear glass Christmas ornaments and tied a ribbon on it with some cording, and a little tag that said Merry Christmas from the Golden Hills Primary Presidency.

But my favorite gifts I made were these little pins that could be worn as a pin or tie tack that included the yearly theme. (I loved that I could include the theme for the year each time.)  I made about 200 of the pins. (I tend to do my best work with a deadline or under pressure.  I believe these pins were made in two days.)  We gave them out to all the kids, teachers, bishopric, stake Primary Leaders and pretty much anyone else that wanted one because had so many.  See the pictures...

this next picture is just to show you the actual size.

Keep in mind, these pins were made well before that lovely mod podge dimensional majic stuff was around.  I used round mirrors as the shape, found stickers at a church bookstore that I cute down and glued to the mirrors.  Added a pin back to each one and then applied this apoxy resin stuff to the top of each one.  Today if I made these, I would certainly use the dimensional's so much easier to use that the apoxy mix I used.  If I would have had more time I would have ordered wood circles in bulk and saved myself some money.  The mirrors cost a little more that I wanted to spend, but they were the only things I could find that were close to the size I needed.  So, if you decide to do something like this, I suggest get started a little early and shop around for inexpensive supplies.  I know my gifts ended up costing about $1.00 for each one if you averaged out the cost of all the supplies, give or take a few pennies.

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