Sunday, October 13, 2013

A few frugal projects.

One of the things I love to do is either decorating or doing some kind of craft.  I find that I do my best work whenever I am stressed.  The project becomes a way not to get away from whatever is going on but a way to use that energy in a more positive way.  AND the best part of all is that I never spend much money.  I think it's fun to visit boutiques, vintage stores, garage sales, Facebook groups, Craigslist, and thrift stores for fun things to re-purpose or redo to add to my home.  Today I want to share a couple of things I have been working on recently made.

Kevin and I use to have this bed with a rod iron piece built into the headboard.  Eventually we got rid of the bed but I kept the rod iron piece and some of the wood from the bed.  I decided to make this shelf out of the pieces I have.  I painted the wood a dark color and let the paint dry.  Then I put a clear crackle medium over the dark paint and let it dry.  Once it was dry I painted the wood again but this time with a light color.  The result was this chippy paint look.  Then one the two piece of wood were completely dry I put the two pieces together with L brackets I bought from the local home improvement center.  Then with some screws I attached the rod iron piece to the top of the shelf I made.  Take a look at how it looks now.

These pictures are a little hard to see, I know.  This shelf sits above a window and the sun is shining in so brightly.  There are three L brackets.  One in the middle and then one on each side a few inches away from the ends.  I put them on the front of the shelf to add some character to the shelf.  I love this little shelf.  It's a great place to put some of the things I like to collect.  One thing I have to add to each figurine is stick'em to the bottom of each one so they do not go falling to the ground.  

This next project was super simple.  I bought three rod iron pieces at a thrift store and have been trying to figure out a way to hang them.  I have had them for about 2 years now.  I thought about putting them in the kitchen to hang towels.  I thought about hanging with frames hanging from each one.  I thought it would be cute to hang pictures of my kids from them, but like I said, I have only three of them and we have four kids....not gonna work.  BUT, I think I found the perfect place for them.  We have these doorways, crown molding, high baseboards in this house that I just love, but they really do not go with the shabby chic style.  HOWEVER, we rent so I don't want to do anything to change them or alter them.  I don't even put nails in the wood work over the doorways.  I think what I came up with is a way to make these doorways work with the style in my living room without damaging or altering them.  Do you remember me telling you how much I love command hooks?  Well, I bought the hook and eye tape like strips and attached them to the back of my rod iron pieces.  Then I just stuck them to the part on the doorway I wanted.  It's amazing to me that the command hooks hold these rod iron pieces so well.  (I started out with the small hook and eye strips, but had to upgrade to the bigger ones in order for them to stay up.)  Take a look...

I just love them!!!  

This next project is something I just picked up and have started to decorate for Halloween.  I am not done with them yet, but thought I would give you a sneak peak of how it looks so far.  Take a look.

 Hope my little projects inspire you to try some projects yourself and take the time to share what you make with me.  Again, I enjoy little projects and crafts.  They help me get through some of the tough times in life.  Enough said.  :)

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