Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yummy Rolls!!

Yesterday I got a message from our friend, Maci asking for our address.  Her daughter is getting married soon so I didn't think anything of it, and gave her our address.  
Then, later that day we got a delivery of the yummy rolls you see below with a cute little note.

Naturally, I thought they came from our friend Maci.  I also thought about our bishop's wife too.  I text Maci and to our surprise she did not leave the yummy rolls.  Later that night, we got a text from our bishop's daughter asking if we found the rolls.  Oh my gosh!!!  Of course we found the rolls.  How could be miss them?  They were almost complete devoured by Kyle right after we opened them.  I got one, Kyle ate 3 all by himself.  This morning there is one left.  (the picture above was taken after Kyle got a hold of them)  Now, I have to get her recipe because these rolls are very yummy!  Soft, taste and just wonderful!!  I have to say, they could not have come at a better time.  Not so much because we needed rolls, but I needed a pick me up.  

With all that has been going on, and with just trying to stay on top of things (and failing miserably, I might add), this is all starting to really get to me.  Now, that is all I am going to say on the subject....

I know we have been very blessed through this whole experience.  In fact, I can honestly say that when all of this started happening, I felt like this time would be different.  Not only would things be different, but we knew that we would experience many miracles throughout this experience.  That knowledge alone has allowed me to be very much aware of certain things as they happen.  What a blessing that has been.  It has helped me through those difficult moments.  It has helped me keep things in perspective.  Not to mention those moments of incredible peace that have come at those times when I need them most.  I know without a doubt that the Lord is not only aware of what my husband is going through, but also aware of everything I am experiencing too.  I love that!!! And that is indeed one of our many miracles.  

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