Friday, September 13, 2013

Keep calm and carry on!

Have you ever been to the circus or to a magic show and noticed the performers that spin the plates on long poles? They usually have several plates spinning all at once and they are usually running around trying to keep all the plates from slowing down and falling. Everyone watching gets nervous just watching, wondering how they would be able to keep the plates going. Kevin and I would look at these acts and think, no problem we can keep the plates spinning. The key being we could do it together. Well lately I have been trying to keep the plates spinning alone without my partner and it has not been easy or fun.  I can't keep all the plates spinning.  Plates are going to start falling soon.   I need my partner back, whole and ready to get in the act again. 

As you know, Kevin had back surgery on August 30th.  The following pictures are NOT of my husband but give you a good idea of what he is dealing with. (For some reason he doesn't want me to show the actual pictures of HIS back)  His back incision not as healed as this one and longer than this one now too.  I measured both, his back incision is 7 inches long and purple now and still healing.  Eventually we hope it looks more pink like this one.

This next one is another pic I found on the internet.  He has an incision in the front too.  Kevin's front incision also measures about 7 inches long and the top is just under his belly button.  

This is Kevin's 3rd back surgery.  Since the first one he has not been able to feel his foot.  You know that feeling you get when your leg falls asleep and you are trying to wake it up?  You know, that tingling feeling we all hate.  Well, this is how his lower leg and foot has felt all the time.  (How he has dealt with that all this time, I have no idea)  Well, right after surgery Kevin mentioned that he could feel his leg and foot and that tingling feeling was gone.  Which was a huge blessing!!!

When Kevin was in the hospital this time they gave him a day before they got him up to walk.  He also had a back brace to wear and a walker to use to get around.  At first he walked down the hall to a window with a nurse with him.  Eventually he was making the walk around the nurses station about 3 times a day, by himself.  Since surgery he has been a little light on his feet and I'm sure that's what the walker helps with.  

After Kevin came home, we would walk about 3 times a day with his walker and brace, down our street.  He was doing pretty good, still weak in the legs, but he was doing it.  In fact, he was making it to the end of our street and around the corner, then he would turn around and come home.  He was even doing it without his walker just holding my hand.  I thought great, he is progressing right along.  Then about Sunday or Monday night something has happened.  His left upper leg is in all kinds of pain and he cannot sleep and he can't even stand on his leg now.  He hasn't been going on his walks and I am really scared.  (don't tell him I said that)
We called the doctor and he had us come in.  Originally they sent Kevin home from the hospital with 3 different pain meds.  One is a time released medicine and the other two are not.  Well, about the time this pain started his time released medicine ran out and the doctor would not refill it.  So, naturally I thought the two were related.  Since the visit with the doctor they have refilled his time released medicine and he is still in a lot of pain.  He is sleeping now, but the pain is still pretty intense.  I would be lying if I did not tell you I was worried.  I am still hoping  he just needs to give himself more time to allow the pain meds to do their magic and eventually we will be walking again.  (Crossing my fingers that this is just a little set back)

As I said before, we have experienced many large and small miracles along the way, and I have faith that we will see many more as he continues to improve.  At this point, all I can do is make sure we are making good choices.  Try and be better about keeping the commandments so that  WE are more worthy of all the blessings Heavenly Father is anxiously waiting to bless us with.  I know I have room for improvement.  You feel kind-of powerless just watching him go through all this pain, but keeping the commandments and trying to keep all of our "plates spinning atop those long poles" is something I CAN do.  Sure, I have gotten worn out and I have even thought my children are trying to kill me with all their needs on top of Kevin, but we will make it through this trial.  And we will begin to see improvement in Kevin again soon.  I know this!  I just need to remain strong.  

We want nothing more than to have Kevin back in the plate spinning act again.  We love him and cannot go on without him in the act.  So, if you can, please remember to keep us in your prayers.  We would really appreciate that.  The power of prayer can literally move mountains.  Thanks everyone!!!

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