Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's finished!!! My Gallery Wall is finally here!!!

It has been a busy week!  With Kevin just home after major surgery, the kids and their work, school & sports, the house, and the puppies, I can honestly say I am more worn out than I normally would be going to work.  Which is not something I thought could happen.  Apparently, I was wrong.  I told you all before how my house looked like a cyclone hit.  Well, in between everything else I was able to get my house in order.  At least so I am not freaking out anymore. AND as a bonus....I also was able to finally finish my gallery wall!!!!  (Ok, so I couldn't wait to show you all.  I still have 4 frames to paint)

I am soooo excited!!!  And I think it turned out pretty cool too!!  Take a peak!!!  

This view is a little hard to see because of the lighting in the room.

This is a little bit better pic...

                      Here is another.                                   One of the corner pics....(left lower)

                                                      Closer middle pic...

Left top pic...

Right top pic...

                                                      More of the right lower side.

Right Lower pic...

Can you pick out which frames still need to be painted?  There are four frames that are either brown or silver.  I want to paint them white.  I will show you picks after I paint too.

If I had to add it all up, I know I spent less than $50.00 to get this done.  The big frame in the middle came from the sales bin at JoAnn's Fabrics.  The big black frame on the one side came from Deseret Industries.  (Yes, I love thrift stores too!)  The other frames came from the dollar store and I just spray painted white with the cheap stuff from Wal-mart.  Then the license plates were something I found in an on-line catalog.  The Family sign in the corner was something I bought from one of the many Facebook Groups I belong to here locally.
The keys scattered throughout the wall, my daughter purchased at Michael's.  The big clock hands were part of an old clock I had made at a Relief Society Super Saturday Craft Day years ago.  (It is finally being retired)  Then all the other various things in each of the frames are things I either had or created.  Everything was hung on the wall with Command brand hooks.  My eye chart is the only thing not hung with Command, only because the frame all ready had the wire attached.  I will share the How To's for some of the projects in future blog posts.  

I am off....Curtis has a birthday tomorrow and we still need to get a present.  He is going to be 18!!!  I cannot believe it.  He is old enough to go on a mission now.  He could leave right after graduation.  WOW!!  Lots to do to get ready for that.  EEK!!!

Please let me know what you think.  I would love your comments.  Thanks for stopping by.  

Quote: "You can't use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have."  -Dr. Maya Angelou
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