Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dive Right In...

Yesterday Curtis wanted to ask a friend of his to the Homecoming Dance.  He of course, wanted to come up with a cute way to ask.  So we came up with a plan and went off to the store to buy supplies.  We bought a fish bowl from the pet section, a plastic figure of a scuba diver, a small version of a fishing game, goldfish crackers, paper, and a sharpie marker.  We then wrote on the Goldfish Crackers and spelled out Curtis’ name (first and last) with 13 little crackers.  We put numbers on the back of each one.  Then we wrote out the following on a piece of paper…

Out of all the other FISH in the SEA,
Will you go to HOMECOMING with me???
Then we included instructions for his friend on how to find out who was asking her to the dance.  Here is what we wrote for the clue…

HINT:  Dive right in and search through this little "SEA" to find out which "FISH" it will be.  There are 13 fish to spell out my name.  Hope you enjoy this little fishing game.
(If you look closely at this picture, you can see the name spelled out with the fish)

(side view of the bowl filled with fish)

(close up of the diver)

(another side view)

(a better view of the front page)

Our printer bit the dust yesterday and we couldn't use the cute little card we made with a fish on it.  We had to actually write it all out and it didn't turn out as cute as it could have.  Oh well!  Now we will have to see if she let's Curtis know if she will go with him to the dance.  I think the anticipation is killing me more than it is Curtis.  :)

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