Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Few Things I am Grateful for.

1) Kevin is finally home!!  He came home yesterday, which is a blessing, because I didn't want to drive him home from Phoenix during regular traffic.  He is doing pretty well.  He still isn't eating much, but that will come in time.  He had me change the dressings on each of his incisions.  WOW!!! is all I can say.  I have had the C-section and recovery is a little rough for at least the first two weeks.  But I have never had both the 7 inch incision in front and another 8 inch incision on the back too.  Kevin has both!!  I would post pictures of the incisions (yes I took some), but I don't want to gross anyone out.  All in all, Kevin is doing quite well.

(Kevin before surgery)

2) Lexi has her first Volleyball Game today as a Freshman in High School.  I can't leave Kevin at home alone so I don't know if I will get to go or if Danielle and Curtis will go.  I am really excited for her!  Maybe I will go and Danielle can stay home and keep an eye on Kevin.  We will decide soon.
(Crazy girl!!)

3) My house looks like a cyclone hit.  Our efforts to get the house company clean before Kevin's surgery went well.  BUT since then, the cyclone hit my home again.  Luckily, I have Danielle home this afternoon to help out.  Thank you Danielle!!!

(I need my house back to this!!!)

4) Kevin and I are grateful for the support of family and friends during this crazy time!  They have been great!

5) I cannot say enough about the company Kevin works for!!!!  They have been totally 
a-MAZ-ing!!!!   What a huge blessing that has been for us!  His boss, Phil, is awesome!  We cannot thank them enough for all of support.  I also cannot wait for the day Kevin is able to return to work.  I just hope he remembers to take it easy until he has fully recovered.  (when he had the first surgery he tried lifting something too early and that was not good!!!.....we cannot have that happen again)

6) I am very grateful for the company I work for also!  Grateful for my team.  They have been nothing short of a-MAZ-ing as well.  Not to mention my boss and supervisor!!!  They have been a-MAZ-ing too!  (We are a small team of 10, but we are mighty and we work very hard!!)  My family has had a busy year when it comes to medical stuff.  I cannot say enough about the team I work with, my boss, and my supervisor included!  They have had to be there partly because it is their job to pick up the slack when someone is out, but more because they have really done a wonderful job and I really do appreciate all they do for me.  Thank you for not making this more stressful than it all ready is.  If I had to constantly worry about work on top of worrying about my husband, I would be a wreck right now.  So, thanks again team!!

7) Our Bishop!!!  He is a kind, sweet, man.  He works very hard for his family, and then on top of all that he does, he is our Bishop too.  I don't know how this man does it.  I know he has the added benefit of the Lord's help....but still.  He is super busy.  We appreciate this man, and we appreciate his wonderful wife and children who allow their husband and father to spend so much time away to serve us.  Kevin (my husband) grew up hanging around our bishops older brother all the time.  So, we know a little bit about our bishop and I can honestly say he is a good man.  Not to mention the men he has working along side of him as his counselors, secretaries or clerks.  We are truly blessed by the work these men do on our behalf.  What a blessing!!!

8) Rain!  We got a little bit of rain yesterday.  I would have loved for more, but we will be happy with what we got.  Hopefully we will see more soon.

9) Children!  My children can be my biggest trial at times.  As I am sure most children can be.  But push come to shove, these children know we are family.  We are family forever, for always, no matter what.  I love them and I do not know what I would do without them.  They keep me grounded when I need it and they are some of my strongest supporters when I need it too.  

10) Puppies!  Aren't they cute?  They are cute, but they can also smell really bad.  I love them.  They make me smile no matter what I am feeling.  They are a lot of work, but they do bring us all joy.  They bring our family happy times and we are glad they are a part of our family.  (Sometimes I wish they could go in the washing machine like dirty laundry to freshen up their bad breath or whatever else may need to smell better.  LOL)

11) BONUS!!!  My gallery wall is almost done!  I just need to paint the picture frames and hang them on the wall.  But I need to purchase some Command Hooks before I do that.  I cannot wait to show you!!!  

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