Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rub a dub dub, I have a clean tub.

About a week or so ago I got the stomach flu.  Well this week my family is sick so we stayed home from church.  (I probably could have gone)  So, I have been doing dishes, playing with the new puppy, bugging Curtis about his date last night, and checking out Pinterest. 

Pinterest was where I found something pretty interesting.  I follow a few blogs that offer organization tips and cleaning tips.  On one of the sites they suggested a recipe to clean your bathroom tub of part vinegar and part dish soap.  They also suggested putting the mixture in one of those fallible dish scrubbers like this one....
So, I decided to give it a try.  BUT.....I have apple cider vinegar not just plain vinegar.  AND I don't have one of those scrubbers either.  I just figured I would use one of my super scrubber sponges and go at it.  When I started walking towards the bathroom with my bottle of vinegar and the dish soap my husband (the long time tile setter - his family ran a tile setting business since the 1950's) said to me, "Put the vinegar in the microwave and heat it up.  That will get rid of all the sugar and it will work better".  (Apple Cider Vinegar will also clean your tile grout, that's what a tile setter uses it for.)  So this is what I did...

First I put the vinegar in a bowl

and heated it up in the microwave for about a minute.  Then I added about the same amount of dish soap. 
(the website I visited suggested using the brand Dawn.  I don't use that brand so I used what I had.)

I wiped down my tube and the sides of my tub back splash and it is sparkling white!!!!  I didn't have to scrub forever and in my opinion it works better that a scrub.  The website also suggests that you use the mixture after each bath or shower and you will never have to scrub your tub again.  You know I will be using this for sure!!!  Love this!!!

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