Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here is a Blast from the Past....

As I have mentioned before, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and one of my past callings was to decorate the ward bulletin board.  Our bishop asked that I include some kind of message and if it went with the yearly ward theme, that would be great.  I was also told I could change out the bulletin board as often as I wanted and if the ward auxiliaries provided me with pictures they should be added to the board.  I was also told I did not need to take the pictures or solicit the auxiliaries for them.   So, I did what I could.  Sometimes it was hard to come up with ideas for the bulletin.  Usually after I came up with a theme and an idea someone would come to me with pictures to add.  It was then that I was faced with a dilemma of how to change up my plans to include the pictures because lets face it, everyone loves to see the ward pictures.  I know I do. 

The first few months of my calling I did not get pictures of the boards I prepared.  I love the first couple.  Especially the Valentine's one for February.  It was super simple all done in words.  It included a scripture and through the middle of the scripture quote was the word Valentine in big bold letters.  I wish I would have got pictures of those. I never would have got pictures of the one I do have unless one sister in our ward took them.  She is awesome!  She takes pictures of all kinds of things and I really appreciate her for remembering my boards.  Not to mention providing me with copies.  Thank you Sister Bev Williams!  I love her!!!  :)

Below are some pictures of some of the boards.  Some are super cluttered.  Remember, I had the planned out decorations with a theme, sometimes the pictures others provided and the normal advertisements the ward was given by Salt Lake or the stake  Take a look....  Yes the pics are sideways.  Sorry, I can't seem to get them to turn for me.

This next one is another of my favorites.  I just love how it turned out.

Quote:  Bloom where you are planted!!!

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