Saturday, June 22, 2013

What to do with old Zippers

Have you seen all the things people are doing with old jeans?  I've seen quilts, skirts and even a message board made from all the pockets.  All of which can be really cute, but I found something I just love. Something you can do with the old zippers!  Did you know you can make a bracelet from the old zippers??? 

I happened to be rummaging through a magazine that sells clothing, shoes and jewelry when I stumbled across a very cute zipper bracelet.  It made me want to try and make my own.  So, I went out and purchased a zipper, some jump rings, a lobster claw clasp, and some charms.  Below is a picture of what my bracelet kind of looked like.  (this picture if from Pinterest just to show you the style.)
Now my lobster clasp does not attach to the zipper pull like this one does.  I wanted to be able to use the zipper pull, so I attached a jump ring to the top of the zipper and the lobster clasp connects to that so you can wear my bracelet.
Now recently my daughter showed me some of the bracelets she found.  I fell in love with some of them...Here are a few pics.
Isn't it cute???  I love it.  Can you see how they used 3 zippers, two facing the same direction and the middle one facing the other direction.  Then they attached them all together and used a magnetic closure.  Now cool is that?  I like the decorative ends too....but my absolute favorite is this next one.  It's more simplistic, but I like it.
Sure it was made the same way the one above was made.  I don't know if I like it more because of the way they displayed it for the picture of what.  But now, I have to go find more zippers.  :)
About two weeks ago I was going through some clothes, trying to weed out things no one can fit into, or that are too far gone to repair.  I ended up with a pile of jeans.  I have always tried to save old jeans in the hopes of one day making a jean quilt.  But I never get beyond the pile before my husband gets tired of looking at it and he throws out the jeans.  In fact, one time I had a whole moving box full of old jeans saving just for my future quilt project.  To this day, I do not know what happened to my box.  I do believe he threw them out. Oh well. 
I will have to be sneaky and hide the pile of old jeans this time.  I think I can do that.  We have a lot to do today, but in a few days I will post my new zipper bracelet, or bracelets....depending on how adventurous I become.  I cannot wait. 
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