Monday, June 3, 2013

Lazy Summer? Not for this family.

Today Lexi started weight lifting this morning at 6am.  From 9-12 today she has to get her sleeping bag and camp chair to a Young Woman Leader's home for their trip to Girls Camp on Wednesday. Then from 12-2:30 she has Volleyball Camp and from 4 - whenever, she has Open Gym for Volleyball.  (I have a pics but I cannot get them posted)

Curtis started Summer School today at 7:30am.  Then tonight he has Football practice from 5-7pm.  He just got back from the Priest Super Activity on Saturday.  They had a blast.  Their base camp was at Camp Raymond, but they also went to some kind of high adventure course that he cannot stop talking about.  He loved it!!!

Danielle started her new job today.  She is signed up for classes at ASU and her work schedule should work out nicely with school.  She met with her counselor last week and because of her GPA she will be put into a scholarship program and it should only take her a year and a half to get her Bachelor's Degree.  That was good news....she could start her student teacher next semester if she hurries up and gets going.  She is pretty excited.  

Kyle is between semesters and between jobs right now.  He has been doing a lot with the Deacons in our ward, the Young Adults and helping Kevin and I out around the house too.  Since I just has surgery last Thursday and Kevin's back is acting up again Kyle has been a great help and we are glad he has been able to help out....not-to-mention, the things he has done for his Grandmother too.

Dog Update:  Last night at about 11:30pm Danielle got a call from her friend excited that she had spotted Bella running the streets and chasing a cat.  This friend sent Danielle a picture of Bella and told us where to find her.  So the kids went out late last night by the canal (EEK!!!) but they never found her.  At least we know she is still alive and up to normal dog activities.  I just wish we could bring her home soon.  The temperature around here is in the 100's and she has got to be hot, tired, thirsty and hungry.  

Busy summer, but these are the times that bring fond memories.

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