Saturday, June 15, 2013

A theme book for Primary

While I was looking through my craft supplies, crafts and various resources I came across something I made for the Primary one year.
(For those of you that don't know, Primary is what the young children attend in the LDS faith from the age of 18 months to 12 years.)
As most of you know, each year the General Primary Presidency comes up with an annual theme for Primary and a theme for each month that goes along with the annual theme.  Each Primary across the world is given a list of these themes with the various suggested songs and scriptures along with some ideas for sharing time lessons.  After being in the Primary Presidency for a bit, I decided we needed to find a way to get these themes to the parents so they had them as a resource to use when helping their children prepare talks and scriptures to share during sharing time.  So, I created this little book.

The first page inside of the book looked like this.....

(Each book also included a CD with all the Primary songs that went with each monthly theme so the children could practice singing the songs all year long.  The CD was attached with double sided tape to the back cover of the book.)

  (I didn't realize when I took these pictures that I was holding my camera upside down...oops!!)

I included a quote from our Prophet at the time.

The next page looked like this.....

This page included a letter from our Ward Presidency welcoming the children to Primary, the purpose of Primary and thoughts.

The next page included some helpful hints for parents and their children and what to do when their child had a talk to give.  Such as; keep the talk simple, have your child practice their talk in short sentences, speak slowly, end with, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen, and MOST IMPORTANT.....praise your child for a job well done.
The next page included the annual Primary Theme and the purpose of the themes.
(upside down again...oops!)
The next pages included the monthly themes, a picture, the monthly songs, scriptures and the scripture themes.
These little books were fun to make.  When they were printed out I had a helper and instead of using the long-arm stapler to put the books together she cut the pages and stapled them from there.  Not what I intended, but they work.  We would give out one per family at the end of December for the next year.  One thing I loved about this little book was each time we had a new family move into the ward we could present them with this little book as a "Welcome to our Ward" gift.  Not to mention we ended up with all kinds of material for the Primary Presentation because the children gave talks and quoted scriptures that went with each theme throughout the year.  It was such a blessing.

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