Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Dog, Bella is missing.

This is our family dog, Bella.  She was a rescue dog my boss found.  My boss has 12 dogs of her own and volunteers at one of the no-kill shelters here in the Phoenix area.  With her dealings with the shelter and her facebook page someone notice Bella wandering around a school here in Mesa for about two weeks before they contacted Joanne (my boss).  When my boss picked  up she was dehydrated and had a hurt paw. 
The reason my boss gave Bella to us was because we had just had a dog die of old age and we missed having a dog in the family.  Bella looks mean, but she is very sweet and will not tolerate anyone trying to hurt one of us.  I say that because anytime one of the kids started to wrestle or rough-house she would try and break it up.  Not to mention that fact that she followed me around everywhere I went.  She was my little buddy.  She would sleep next to on the floor in our bedroom every night.  If there was a night she was not with me she would either be found with Danielle or Lexi. 
Last Thursday she must have got out of the backyard and we have not seen her since.  I am worried that our neighbors did something with her.  We have some neighbors that are affiliated with a gang and I believe they have been watching our house so they could catch us all gone and break in.  (NOT COOL) Sometimes you just have to go with those feelings you get....know what I mean?  We have been broke into at another house twice and that was not fun.  I do not want to go through that again.  There is nothing worse that that feeling.
I posted something on facebook about our dog and our daughter posted flyers in the neighborhood and I also let me boss know.  Since she works with the shelters she has an in with the pound in the area too.  She also mentioned there is a group that does nothing but find lost dogs.  She almost guaranteed they would find her.  I sure hope so.  Lexi has been really upset since Bella has been gone, and frankly I miss her little buddy. 

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