Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Birthday and Some Big Changes at The Schmidt Home...

It's been a weird week.  I started Sunday with what I thought was the stomach flu, and now the doctor tells me I have a sinus infection with a real good ear infection....G-R-E-A-T!!!!  So, lot's of medication and lots of liquids for me....  On a happy note....
Today is our oldest son, Kyle's 23rd Birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I looked outside I could see we had visitors come around in the middle of the night....they Tp'd the house and wrote Happy Birthday on the sidewalk...I wonder who could have done that???  (we have some good ideas who. )
We sure wish we had this contraption today.  On a more serious note...This is a pic of Kyle while on his mission.  He has been home now for a little over a year.  He is awesome and we love him dearly.  It seems like just yesterday he was such a little boy.  Time flies.  Now he has graduated high school, served a ful-time mission for our church, completed 1 year of college and now works part-time and serves as the Assistant Scout Master in our ward.  He really enjoys serving and being around the youth of this ward.  But the one thing he seems to love most of all is giving his little brother a hard time about anything and everything.  (what are big brother's for?)  Usually if you see Kyle out and about Curtis is not too far behind him.  The two do everything together, which is okay with me.  I like that they are so close.  Curtis needs someone that will keep him in line and give him a hard time when he needs it and Kyle has taken on that responsibility without us even asking.  One thing I did fail to mention about Kyle is this...  We always knew he had a testimony of the gospel, but over the past few years we have seen a change in him.  It's as if he cannot control the words from coming out of his mouth and he takes every opportunity to share some of the knowledge he has.  I love this about him.  We were once told by a General Authority that when you serve a mission it is as if you receive 40,000 hours of training.  If the average person tried to obtain that training without serving a mission it would take a lifetime and you would still not gain everything a mission has to offer.  Kyle, we love you and wish you a very Happy 23rd Birthday.
Did I mention that our youngest will be in High School next fall?  Holly Cow!!!  I cannot believe that!  Tonight Lexi has volleyball practice.  Last year she played on the 7th Grade Volleyball team and loved it.  So, when we found out about the Mesa Volleyball Club sign-ups we took the opportunity to sign her up.  She has endured two and three practices a week, all day tournaments, as well as serving at various other volleyball tournaments and training camps.  She is at the end of the season for her Club 14.  Tonight she was invited to attend an "open gym" for all the girls going to Mesa High next year.  (That's right, my baby will be in High School....I cannot believe it)  Lexi will be a busy girl this summer.  She has 3 volleyball camps she will attend, weight lifting as well as open gym and Festival practices and tournaments to go to.  Not to mention Girl's Camp for our stake and then at the end of the summer the regular season starts up.  Lexi played Libero position for the 14's last year.  She wants to learn to hit the ball and perfect her jump serve too.  She is a good libero and has improved quite a bit since the beginning of Club.  We are excited for her and anxious to see her play this summer as well as next season. 
This is Lexi in her regular team jersey.  She has a white one she wears when she plays libero. 
Did I mention that Curtis is going to be a Senior in High School next year?  Oh my!!!  Not sure I am ready for that.  He plays on the varsity football team and will have to start getting his papers ready for his mission.  He could have his call by the time he graduates next year....EEK!! 
Our oldest daughter who just graduated from a JC and is off to ASU had an interesting day yesterday. 
Danielle has been working at Joann's Fabrics for 4 years now.  She is their Education Coordinator, which means she hires all the teachers, schedules all the classes, sets-up group events, does new product demos on top of all the other responsibilities of being a back-up manager of the store.  She has stuck it out with Joann's because they worked with her school schedule.  Recently they talked to her about accepting another position.  One that would pay more.  She really wanted this job, but they passed her up and gave the job to someone who has been with the company 6 months.  (WHAT??)  So, Danielle decided it was time to move on.  She got hired on the spot by Sears to work in their dispatch group with the possibility of moving to Tech Support if they can squeeze her in.  Sears said they were very impressed with Danielle and could not wait to offer her the job.  Even though she is leaving Joann's she will miss working there.  She enjoyed the people she worked with and helping the customers with their projects.  Danielle was also asked to travel to Texas to train some Education Coordinators there since the original trainer has been out sick.  Danielle took this as a huge compliment when the regional manager asked.  I will miss having her work at Joann's too, but I think she needs a change.  She needed to be closer to school.  She more than doubled her pay so that will also help with school.  Change is hard.  :)
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